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            Office furniture color is key
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            If you are the boss's secretary or administrative director, you may have the opportunity to participate in the selection of office equipment colors. You should know that modern office furniture comes in about five shades: black, gray, brown, dark red, and pastel blue. Usually, different kinds of gray are used for desks; Black and brown for the boss chair and reception room table and chair; Plain blue and dark red are used as office chairs. Because, although blue quietly elegant, do not break lively; Red is solemn, no lack of lively; Black, brown always gives a person dignified feeling, decorate a conference room with them, can make your concentration thinks generally speaking, the configuration of office colour wants according to "big jump, small harmony" principle. Big jumps are color changes between offices. For example, you have 3 offices, 3 rooms can choose completely different advocate tone, but the door window of every room, desk and chair and floor even the office file of bright face and trifling office things want to keep oneself whole harmony, it is the principle of small harmony. This way, even though you have a limited range of activities and activities, you will feel refreshing everywhere you go

            In the office, each office furniture color has its own language, it will convey a certain psychological message to your colleagues and customers. For example, black gives people a sense of loneliness, but also has a noble and solemn; Brown lets a person feel old age, but the palm of different concentration not only did not have old tarnish, still can produce a few minutes grace; Bright red big pink too make public, if take tone with quiet cool color, can show young lively; This bai tuhuang is beyond the mark plain and neat, if be mixed happy warm color is held in hand, reveal oneself elegance easily. Further, lilac with sky blue gives a sense of tranquility; Magenta with sapphire let a person feel bright; That with white is elegant; Pink with this white convey youth; Dark brown and light yellow will make you look more mature. Light gray with black appears solemn; Vermilion with black can attract each other's line of sight; Dark green with earthy yellow match the most natural; Navy blue with light blue is feeling solid; As to bright yellow matchs black, can give a person the beauty that jumps.

            In a word, the harmony between ourselves and the working environment can only be created by ourselves. Want to know only, colour also has his character and style, let the colour of different disposition "you help me, I help you", we ability changes the depressing atmosphere of the office, have colorful abundant abundant

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