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            Professional knowledge of office furniture moisturizing
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            Winter sunshine looks gentle, but dry climate, wood is easy to appear crack and local fade. Office furniture expert expresses, the real reason that avoids office furniture to appear crack comes from humidity, and not be temperature, because this winter should shorten window time instead as far as possible, increase humidity appropriately indoors.

            In order to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, every household will add a lot of cloth decoration in winter, bedding is also layered, conditional families will also spread a layer of thick plush carpet on the floor.

            These home supplies material belongs to flammable material, no matter you are to use oil-filled electric heater or electric film heater, should pay attention to fire prevention measures. Proposal, do not let the hot wind of air conditioning or heating equipment blow on wallpaper directly, avoid wallpaper to bilge because of heat cold shrink and produce the problem such as be out of shape, become angry.

            Plants help keep your home hydrated

            Put luxuriant flowers and plants inside the bedroom, it is good adornment not only, still have certain effect to improving the temperature of local environment, humidity, air quality. Rich bamboo and asparagus do not need special maintenance, it is the indoor flowers that suits to put in the home very much.

            It is not only good for people's living, but also helpful for the maintenance of wooden office furniture.

            Easy to appear in the winter office furniture fade and other problems also do not pay attention to moisture. Accordingly, winter office furniture notices to be put indoor even, should be far from the place with stronger air flow such as doorway, window, tuyere, do not put in the place of sunshine direct illuminate more, can make office furniture crack so, fade.

            Do not put in air conditioning vicinity, because contact higher temperature for a long time, can make local wood crack, warping deformation and paint film appear local qualitative change.

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