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            Three elements of office furniture design
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            From the characteristics and functional requirements of the office, the office has the following basic elements:

            A sense of order

            The order in design refers to the repetition, rhythm, integrity and simplicity of form. Office design also USES this basic theory to create a quiet, peaceful and tidy environment. A sense of order is a basic element of office design.

            To achieve the purpose of order in the office design, the surface involved is also very wide, such as the unity of furniture style and color; Regularity of plane layout; The unity of partition size and color material; The level off sex of smallpox and metope do not take the adornment with gaudy spruce; Reasonable indoor color and flow of people guide. These are closely related to order, which can be said to play the most critical role in office design.

            (2) lightness

            Let the office give a person a kind of lively feeling is also the basic requirement of the design, office environment lively is to point to the tone of the office environment is clean and bright, reasonable lighting arrangement, there is enough light, this is also the office of the functional requirements decided. The lively and lively tonal in adornment can give a person a kind of happy mood, give a person a kind of clean sense, at the same time bright, fast tonal also can increase indoor daylighting to spend in the day.

            At present, a lot of stylist introduce the green with taller lightness into the office, this kind of design often gives a person a kind of good visual effect, create a kind of chun yi thereby, this also is a kind of lively sense is indoor originality means.

            (iii) modern sense

            At present, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and strengthen democratic management, the office of many enterprises in China often adopts the Shared space -- open design, which has become the feature of modern new office and formed the concept of modern office new space.

            Modern office design also focuses on the study of the office environment, introducing the natural environment into the interior, greening the indoor and outdoor environment, and bringing vitality to the office environment, which is another characteristic of modern office.

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