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            How to arrange the office reasonably
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            Below normal circumstance, desk is put in the position that stands by the window commonly, not only daylighting is good, eye shot is more open also. For large desks, they should be placed against the wall. Put a file cabinet on the side of your desk and put some materials or books in it. It's convenient and time saving.

            Keep your regular supplies within easy reach. You can use a pen container to place your small stationery items so you don't feel like your desk is cluttered. Put the phone on the left hand side, if there is a phone call, you can use the left hand to answer the phone, so as not to interrupt the work of the right hand oh! And remember to leave a post-it note next to the phone so you can easily jot it down when you leave a message.

            Trash can or should be put in the place that is close to desk, had better not be apart too big, avoid to get throw thing finally inconvenient! And the trash can doesn't have to be that big, and preferably one with no lid.

            If you have any other items that you don't have, put them in a drawer so they don't look messy.

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