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            What are the specific operating steps for the protection of steel furniture?
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            First of all, the specific steps of cleaning are as follows:

            First, soak the clean cotton cloth, then wring it out until it no longer drips.

            Two, in the wring dry cotton cloth on the appropriate spray of water almighty.

            Three, put the cotton cloth in the steel office furniture, slightly hard to wipe, but not too hard. If the stain has not been completely removed after the first cleaning and drying, do it a second or third time.

            Fourthly, if there is a clear demarcation between the clean surface of office furniture and the uncleaned position, we can clean them together.

            Secondly, the cleaning precautions are:

            First, if you are in a hurry to let the office furniture dry, we can use a hair dryer to dry it, but be sure to blow cool oh!

            Second, the cotton cloth to wipe the office furniture must not be too wet, otherwise water droplets into the gap, it is easy to have moldy phenomenon.

            Three, the cotton cloth also can't too dirty, otherwise more wipe more dirty, so, best can spare a piece of cotton cloth is good.

            Four, for different materials of cotton cloth, in wiping office furniture, must pay attention to the strength of the change.

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