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            How to clean office seats
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            First, the office seat should be placed away from the heat and should avoid direct sunlight, is prohibited in strong light exposure.

            Two, handling should be light lifting light, to pay special attention to avoid collision.

            Three, after sitting for a long time should often flap by sitting parts and edges, to restore its original state, reduce sitting force concentration and sag phenomenon.

            Four, after a long time in the office seat should always check whether the screw or spring on the mechanism is loose, if there is loose should be timely tightening.

            Five, long with or immodesty stained leather sofa, office chair, cloth can be dipped in the appropriate concentration of soapy water scrub. Wipe with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. Do not clean with strong decontamination products.

            Six, it is strictly prohibited to sit on the armrest of the office chair or place heavy objects.

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