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            How convenient and quick clean furniture
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            One, alcohol cleans wool sofa, the sofa of wool cloth can dip in wool brush a few dilute alcohol to sweep brush, reoccupy hair dryer is blown dry, if encounter juice besmirch, mix evenly with soda powder and clear water with 1 teaspoon, reoccupy cloth is touched go up brush, besmirch can drop.

            Two, log furniture is bright and clean law, log furniture can use water quality candle water to gush directly in furniture surface, reoccupy softness does cloth wipe dry, furniture can be bright and clean and bright. If scratches are found on the surface, apply cod liver oil and wipe with a damp cloth after a day. In addition, wipe with thick brine, can prevent woodiness decay, prolong the life of furniture.

            Three, wipe with egg white the dermal sofa that dirty, usable a clean flannelette dips in some of egg white is wiped, can purify smudge already, can make leather face brightness like the first again.

            Four, dip in milk to wipe wooden furniture, take a clean dishcloth to be immersed in the milk that expire cannot drink, wipe table, cabinet with this dishcloth next wait for wooden furniture, decontamination effect is very good, brush with clear water again finally. The furniture that has been painted was infected with dirt, the tea residue that can use wet gauze to wrap is wiped, or swab with cold tea water, can more bright and clean and bright.

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