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            Furniture geomantic the 5 big taboos that put
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            A taboo:

            Summer light is very strong, because this sofa is unfavorable, put in sunshine illuminate very strong position. Violent sunshine can make sofa surface fades, the durable sex that affects sofa directly, no matter sofa USES what kind of material to make so, cannot put for a long time beside the window, especially the room that faces west, want to pay attention to avoid more.

            No-no 2:

            The bed should not be facing the mirror, because the mirror reflects other things, when a person in a fuzzy state, may be frightened. The bed also should not be placed under the beam, subconsciously will feel a sense of oppression.

            No-no 3:

            The desktop of desk should below elbow ministry in order to go to the lavatory. Condole carries coping and the distance of the ground had better not exceed 2 meters, artistic ark has two words, the first had better be ideal height with the thing that can see to place inside look up,, the 2nd criterion is lifted with the hand tall can take take thing to be beautiful.

            Taboo iv:

            The lamp on the market is acted the role of mostly give priority to with condole top, use must proper, if the house is too low, be about to notice the height of droplight, too low can hinder ambulate. The pendant lamp is installed in the middle position, the light will be more even. As to the height of droplight, optimal distance and desktop about 50-60 centimeters, too tall word may make a person feel flaunting an eye, too low can bump into a head again.

            No-no 5:

            Put the position of video sound equipment also should be far from the window, the reason has two: it is the phosphor screen as a result of TV is illuminated by the light when, can produce the effect that glance, make a person appreciate the eye when TV program is uncomfortable. Second, close to the window will be contaminated with dust, rain, rain is more likely to splash equipment, affect its operation, and even the phenomenon of electricity leakage.

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