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            How to arrange office furniture
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            Now a lot of office furniture company designed the furniture of work place of screen, it can be several desk are linked together with partition means, form a group, we can arrange these groups in layout with the method of straight platoon or inclined platoon will clever combination, make its design achieves reasonable requirement in the change. Additional, of filing cabinet decorate should rely on as far as possible "wall body effect", let ark rely on a wall as far as possible namely, can save a space so, also can make the office more neat, beautiful at the same time.

            1, office partition

            Want to take individual environment seriously, raise the attention of individual job, should let individual space do not suffer interference as far as possible, according to the characteristic of office, should accomplish a person to be sitting upright when, can look around easily, the interference that does not suffer exterior line of sight and concentration energy work when bend over a case. This partition height is in about 1200 millimeter, the height between the desk in a small collective and desk can be set as 900 millimeter, and the high partition that office area differentiates is set as 1500 millimeter, these dimensions are worth us to be in the design reference, draw lessons from. The partition in the office chair from the office form a complete set of equipment that sells on the market at present mostly USES face to stick wall blanket to wait for material, these material have sound-absorbing, colour and qualitative and beautiful effect. In the office decoration project, if we make the partition in addition to pay attention to the size, should also pay attention to the selection of materials, but also pay attention to the issue of office furniture. Purchase and customize more advanced wood (such as bar wood) to the closure of the art line, so that the homemade office partition brings a sense of advanced.

            2. Office ceiling

            In the design of office, we generally pursue a sense of brightness and order. For this purpose, the design of office ceiling has the following requirements:

            (1) in the ceiling lighting requirements of high illumination, most cases of the use of fluorescent lamps, local use with simple lights. In the design often USES the scatter type, the light belt type and the light shed type arranges the light;

            (2) consider good ventilation and constant temperature in the smallpox;

            (3) consider the ceiling design for easy maintenance;

            (4) ceiling modeling should not be complex, except for the manager's office, conference room and reception room, most cases use flat crane;

            (5) there are a variety of office smallpox materials, most of the use of light steel keel gypsum board or ete board, aluminum keel mineral wool board and light steel keel aluminum gusset plate, etc., these materials have fire resistance, and there will be in the characteristics of flat hanging.

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