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            Join in policy

            1. The company planned and packaged the franchised stores in the whole process and designed the brand image stores free of charge.

            2. In the early stage of the opening of the exclusive store, the company will arrange special personnel to lead the team to the store, responsible for assembly, setting up and training.

            3, if the dealer is into the local first-class furniture city, the company will have some support in the decoration.

            4. If dealers can place outdoor advertisements in furniture city or other places, the company will also provide certain support in advertising.

            5. The company will print exquisite DM sheets and brochures to help dealers with marketing. Only the production cost of brochures will be charged.

            6. The company provides sufficient supply of goods to ensure the sales of dealers. Dealers can reduce the pressure on funds by zero inventory without stocking up.

            7. The company has specially organized and equipped a well-trained loading team. When the pick-up vehicles of dealers come to the company, there are company personnel to load the vehicles to ensure the delivery of goods without any risk.

            8. In order to ensure the long-distance transportation outside the port, the company chooses the packaging of wooden frame to ensure the safety of our products to the greatest extent and facilitate the dealers to deliver goods in the local area.

            9, the company has a special department responsible for tracking, shipping, after-sales service, to solve the problems of dealers.

            10. The company will closely cooperate with and strongly support the sales situation of dealers, and channel development managers will regularly conduct door-to-door sales guidance and training, and conduct on-site analysis and solve sales problems encountered by dealers.


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