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            [start year]

            ● Xuzhou meiying furniture co., LTD. (predecessor of jiangsu meiying)

            ● MEIKin officially started his career in office furniture

            [development year]

            ● MEIKin becomes a member of xuzhou furniture association

            ● MEIKin is committed to the production of plastic board furniture, and quickly occupy the market, become the industry benchmark

            [soaring year]

            ● MEIKin was named executive chairman unit of furniture association and vice chairman unit of furniture industry in jiangsu province

            ● MEIKin is dedicated to creating green, innovative and excelsior office furniture products

            ● MEIKin takes "people-oriented, healthy office" as its own responsibility to create unlimited possibilities of healthy office space

            [brand service promotion year]

            ● MEIKin participated in the 8th suzhou furniture exhibition and won the gold award of product quality in 2016 suzhou furniture exhibition

            ● MEIKin registered capital increase to 30 million

            ● 'xuzhou meiying furniture' officially changed its name to 'jiangsu meiying furniture', realizing the overall improvement of the brand and image

            [design deepening year]

            ● MEIKin cooperates with top professional designers in China to set up a research and development team to design and develop new products

            ● MEIKin registered trademark meiying wenyi

            ● MEIKin new image and new products power, to 2017, meiying has eight series of products, sold across the country

            [Management deepening year]

            ● MEIKin central China operation center and nanjing direct sales company was established

            ● MEIKin passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification

            ● MEIKin passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

            ● MEIKin passed OHSAS18001 quality management system certification

            ● MEIKin has branches in su, lu, yu and wan

            ● MEIKin xuzhou experience hall was grand opening and successfully held, marking MEIKin furniture entered a new era

            [revitalization planning year]

            ● Humanized, intelligent, scientific and ecological MEIKin furniture will be the ultimate way, the future is far away, we will work together to create a better!

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