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The Lowcountry, South Carolina’s Grand Strand, and Florida’s First Coast...

The coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are bursting with rich history extending hundreds of years into the past.  A proper recount of this history encompasses Spanish and British Colonization, the rise and fall of Native American civilizations, the Revolutionary War, the Age of Pirates, the Civil War, and many other profound historic events leading up to our present times.

Beautiful moss-covererd oaks, thick palmetto trees, salty marshes, and historic cities make up the landscape, and the atmosphere within encompasses the full gamut from enchanting to eccentric.  However… often with great beauty lies dark secrets.

The unique culture, history… and hardships of the region lends itself to many legends and tales, and is responsible for making this area know as one of the most active paranormal regions in the world.  From down to St. Augustine’s Capt. Manuel Abela, up to Savannah’s Rene Asche Rondolier, and all the way north to Pawley’s Island’s Gray Man… ...this site contains the haunted legends, ghostly encounters, the tales of the unknown for this historic and beautiful area.

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Ghost stories and hunting the unknown are passions of ours, and we hope that you enjoy reading our accounts of the Haunted Legends of the Lowcountry! In fact, we hope that this will soon become one of the largest archives of our region’s ghost stories on the internet.

This site will be perpetually updated, so check back often if you have an interest in the paranormal!  Also, if you are interested in ghost hunting… you may want to check our sister site, Lowcountry Paranormal. Not only are our personal investigations and evidence detailed, we share our tips, tricks, and theories on the subject of paranormal investigation!

..And if you have an stories we should check out (or places we should investigate), let us know!  Unless, of course, you’re scared...

-Katie and John


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Yay for the Gray Man!
06/28/08 at 10:44 AM

The greatest ghost story of the Grand Strand has to be the legend of the Gray Man! I loved writing up this tale.  It’s by far the oldest and most trusted ghost legend in South Carolina.  Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who saw the Gray Man.  There are several different legends told of his origin, so I’ve chosen my favorite for you.  This a great story and a real part of South Carolina’s history.  I hope eveyone enjoys it!


The St. Francis Inn
06/21/08 at 08:21 AM

This morning I posted the story of the St. Francis Inn.  St. Augustine is such a beautiful old city that it’s not hard to find great stories there.  Eventually I plan to have several posted here but until then you’ll have to just enjoy the tale of Lily and her young soldier at the inn.  Although he may not know it yet, I’m quite sure that John and I will stay at all of St. Augustine’s haunted B&Bs and after writing up the story of the St. Francis, I think this would be a great place to start!


Rene Asche Rondolier tale
05/25/08 at 11:13 AM

The twisted story of Rene Asche Rondolier is posted!  I know there’s some disagreement on this tale - even about whether or not Rene ever actually existed, but for now I’m using a mixture of all the stories I could find.

I love Savannah - they have some many great stories and legends, I’m excited to be able to finally have begun writing up some of the stories myself.  Click here to read Rene’s tale!


First story - CHECK!
05/24/08 at 07:32 PM

Alright I’ve *finally* finished the story of The Hermitage, Murrells Inlet - Alice Allard - a classic story from South Carolina’s Grand Strand.  You can read the story here! I’ll be adding more soon, in the mean time I hope you enjoy our first story!  I hope that one day this site will be a great online resource of classic stories of Lowcountry hauntings but since that all depends on my own research and creativity, it may take some time!

If you have a personal experience or comment on the story of Alice Allard please send me a note!


Test Number Two!
05/20/08 at 03:15 AM

This is a test just for the spacing!


Under Construction!
05/20/08 at 03:09 AM

The site is coming soon!  Stay tuned…

-Katie and John